Wwise Templates - Sharing Tips, Tricks and Solutions

Wwise Templates – Sharing Tips, Tricks and Solutions

Too often in Game Audio we have to find solutions to problems that have already been solved.

Let’s stop solving the same old problems hundreds of times individually and instead focus on sharing our solutions and only solving them once collectively!

In that spirit, I recently put together a Sidechain Ducking Template and shared it on GitHub.

I’ve created a github repository to upload templates.


This first template includes a .mp4 tutorial, source files, and Wwise session to demonstrate using Wwise meter to sidechain duck Music and SFX through an EQ.

Wwise has their own list of github repositories, but it doesn’t seem to be updated or shared to often. I encourage this community to share their tips, tricks, templates, sessions, and Wwise solutions to github, then share here and to Bernard Rodrigue​!

Note, if you haven’t already, be sure to get on the Wwise Wizards and Witches Facebook group to join the best Wwise group out there.





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