Free Impulse Responses from the iPad, iPhone and Behritone speakers!

Free Impulse Responses from the iPad, iPhone and Behritone speakers!

If you’ve tried mixing for the iPhone or iPad you know how hard it can be to guess how their speakers will alter your sounds or mixes. The small, cheap speakers on these modern devices wreak havoc on sounds and mixes with their limited frequency bandwidth and their far from flat responses…

If you’ve been looking for a way to preview how the iPad and iPhone speakers will alter your sounds then you are in luck! Aaron Brown recently added impulse responses from each of these devices!

One way you can use these is to go download the files and import them into an IR reverb on your master bus in your favorite DAW.  I use these in Izotope Trash and change it to mono to simulate the mono speaker. Now you can mix your sounds like normal, but it sounds pretty darn close to how it will sound out of your target devices speakers! This will really help you dial in the low end and prevent certain sounds from really peaking out in the mix.

You could also use these in an Impulse Response reverb to simulate smartphone speakers in a cutscene or movie.

Aaron included a Behritone impulse response as well. The Behritone speaker is similar to the Auratone’s that so many engineers use as a mono “grot box”. It’s a very useful trick to simulate the small, cheap consumer speaker experience.


PlayDotSound - Free Impulse Responses from the iPhone, iPad, and Behritone

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE iPad, iPhone and Behritone Impulse Responses!

You can find the original post here on the Aaron Brown Sound blog:


Would you like more IR samples? Want to know more about impulse responses? Please leave a comment and let us know what you want and we will do our best to deliver 🙂


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