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Tired of having to pay a bunch of cash for great plug-ins??? GREAT NEWS! The good people at Eventide have provided a code and link to download the Eventide ULTRACHANNEL for FREE!!!!

The Eventide ULTRACHANNEL is an excellent plug-in at any price. It includes everything a basic channel strip needs and more.

For starters it has a gate, de-esser, eq and compressor, but that’s not all. It also includes the same compressor as the compressor section in their $150 Omnipressor plug-in! On top of that it has a stereo delay for widening or effects. The last little bit is a micro-pitch shift section to thicken up the sound and widen it even more. This is one of my favorite tricks to use when a vocal needs more space in a mix. I currently use Soundtoys Little Microshift, which I believe was all based on this Eventide effect in the H3000 hardware units.



Scroll to the bottom and use the Coupon Code 07D96411

Note: You will need an iLok to authorize the plug-in even though it’s free.

Once you’ve entered your iLok, Email, and the Coupon Code at the bottom of the page I linked to you will get an email with a link to download the plug-in for FREE!


Thanks to Eventide for such a nice gift to the community! Share it around and show them how much you appreciate it.

If you found this useful, have trouble getting it, or want some tips on how to use the plug-in effectively please leave a comment 🙂


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