Ever had a chance to get a GREAT job, go through the interview, and never get a call back? What could POSSIBLY have gone wrong? Well, here are some possibilities!

Jesse Harlin, composer at Dunderpate Music, has done many interviews in his time as a composer, including interviewing me for my job at LucasArts. I also saw him interview people for lots of audio jobs at LucasArts while I worked there and it still existed.

Pour one for my ex LucasArts Homies! (Image by BigBadRobot)

Jesse recently gave a talk at the 2014 GDC called “Why You Didn’t Get The Gig” providing insights to anyone trying to get through the interview process successfully. Some of these things seem so obvious, and yet I’ve also seen these happen and some that went EVEN WORSE.

These videos were created by the game audio team at http://www.gl33k.com for a GDC 2014 talk entitles “Why You Didn’t Get The Job” given by Jesse Harlin ofhttp://www.dunderpatemusic.com/.

I hope you learned a thing or two from other people’s mistakes!

If you want to know more leave a comment and we’ll try to get Jesse Harlin to answer your questions 🙂

-Aaron Brown

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