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Bleeps ‘n’ Bloops is a cool new Game Audio podcast started by Jim Welch, Dave Shumway, and Alyssa Galindo to discuss game audio news, current events, gear, and interviews with industry folks. I recently skyped in to the Bleeps ‘n’ Bloops Podcast for the interview segment. It was a lot of fun to discuss how I […]

Austin Chronicle - Gl33k Sound Design and Cosmic DJ Interview!

Tired of having to pay a bunch of cash for great plug-ins??? GREAT NEWS! The good people at Eventide have provided a code and link to download the Eventide ULTRACHANNEL for FREE!!!! The Eventide ULTRACHANNEL is an excellent plug-in at any price. It includes everything a basic channel strip needs and more. For starters it has a […]

Austin Chronicle - Gl33k Sound Design and Cosmic DJ Interview!

The Austin Chronicle recently interviewed the Game Audio Crew over at Gl33k to discuss sound design and creating their audio game titled Cosmic DJ! Check out the interview over on the Chronicle’s website.   Click HERE or on the image above to read the article! Thanks for visiting PlayDotSound! Your best resource for learning about […]

Ever had a chance to get a GREAT job, go through the interview, and never get a call back? What could POSSIBLY have gone wrong? Well, here are some possibilities! Jesse Harlin, composer at Dunderpate Music, has done many interviews in his time as a composer, including interviewing me for my job at LucasArts. I also saw […]