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Play Dot Sound is a website dedicated to help you make the best game audio possible.

This site is full of insider tips on creating video game sound effects, how to make music for video games, and how to integrate it all into your games. There will also be interviews and articles from video game industry leaders to help inspire both audio professionals and newbies.

Play Dot Sound is the creation of game industry veterans Aaron Brown, Brad Fotsch, and Matt Piersall.

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown Sound - Award Winning Sound Designer, Composer, and Audio Engineer

Aaron is a composer and award winning sound designer who has worked around the globe with LucasArts, EA, Sony, Disney, Activision, Gl33k and as an independent contractor for indie developers. A few titles he’s been a part of include Uncharted 3, Epic Mickey 2, The Force Unleashed 2, The Secret Of Monkey Island. He has also worked in world class recording studios and mastering facilities as a producer and recording engineer.

Aaron has composed music for AAA titles, casual Indie mobile games, successful Kickstarter campaigns, and commercials for innovative companies like Goldieblox!

Aaron is dedicated towards sharing all of his hard earned knowledge and experience with others both on PlayDotSound and on his blog. He is also a Professor at the Berklee College of Music where he teaches the Game Audio Production With Wwise course online.


Brad Fotsch

Brad Fotsch Sound Designer and Composer

Brad Fotsch leads the audio and music at independent game studio Funomena. He also teaches a Berklee Online course called Game Audio Production with Wwise. His energized and experimental approach to creating audio comes from a decade of making games, a curiosity for how music and sound guide our feelings and a life-long quest for adventure travel. Currently he is creating sound and music at Funomena with some of the creators of Journey and Katamari Damacy. Previously he helped create realistic and immersive worlds in Medal of Honor andCommand and Conquer at Electronic Arts until leading the sonic madness of Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox series. He studied music and technology at Berklee College of Music in Boston and currently resides in Venice Beach, CA. 


Matt Piersall

Matt Piersall - Gl33k

Matt Piersall is the creative director and founder of GL33k, a game audio company based in Austin Texas. Matt has been working in game audio for over ten years and has successfully worked with teams all over the world. He has brought his audio skills to over 50 sucessful titles ranging from the most well known AAA IP to very obscure and cutting edge independent experiments.

Matt has given many talks and interviews about the topic of Game Audio where he provides priceless insights into the mind and life of a long time professional audio contractor.

Matt has also developed his own audio related video games with the team at Gl33k including Cosmic DJ.